More and more people get interested in adopting a vegan diet because of its increased popularity among stars and athletes like Jennifer Lopez and Serena Williams, but many are still unsure about its benefits, or if there are any at all.

To steer you clear of any doubts, we decided to reveal the reasons why you would want to try this diet.

Vegan diet explained

First of all, you need to know that vegans never eat something that’s made from animal ingredients. Therefore, you won’t find milk, animal fat, eggs, or any kind of meat on their plates.

By knowing this, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll rarely touch processed or cooked food if you adopt a vegan diet. Then, what can you eat?

Well, besides the lack of animal ingredients, vegan food is mostly represented by raw vegetables and fruits. However, vegans try to find alternatives to animal products. Here are a few examples:

TIP: Join the Veganuary movement, an event that consists of eating just vegan food for an entire month. This will ease your way into adopting a vegan diet and attracting its numerous benefits.

1. It’s healthy to be vegan

One thing is for sure with a vegan diet: you won’t lack vitamins. A vegan meal usually consists of 50% to 70% raw vegetables and fruits, and only 30% to 50% cooked/heated food.

The flip side? You will have a hard time with your fat and protein intake unless you reach over to some alternatives like seitan, tofu and lentils.

However, if your interest is focused on the idea of living healthier, you will certainly find a vegan diet to be one of the best choices. After all, it can help you avoid and combat many health problems like:

At the same time, eating a lot of raw plant-based food while dropping the quantity of processed food will contribute to your general well-being and will make your skin clearer.

2. Achieve your dream physique

Among the top benefits of following a vegan diet is its effectiveness in losing weight. If your goal is to reach a very low body-fat level and maintain it, eating vegan is an option that won’t disappoint.

Pro tip: you can find a lot of vegan meal ideas that will help you lose weight in our list of 95 low-calorie foods.

Also, you can pretty much say goodbye to those feeling-bloated moments. Many people who tried vegan diets mentioned that their digestive problems have disappeared.

That’s mainly because of the high quantity of fibers that you can enjoy while eating vegan food.

Don’t forget that most of your vegan products won’t have too many fats and proteins. If your goal is also to build muscles, you need proteins, no matter what.

Fortunately, you can reach over to high-protein aliments like tofu, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, and more.

3. Vegan diet, allergic people’s best friend

One thing worth mentioning is that vegan food is a worry-free choice for people that have allergies. There are people allergic to raw egg whites, gluten, peanuts, milk, and many more.

Vegetables, fruits, and other vegan alternatives provide a safe option for the more sensitive among us.

However, a vegan buyer can still come across a product that may contain some ingredients like peanuts, raisins or any other allergens. The upside is that when shopping for vegan food it’s easier for anyone to find something that can guarantee the lack of those allergens. 

4. Vegan lifestyle saves the planet

You might be wondering why every vegan is so proud of himself for „saving” the lives of many animals with their diets and lifestyle.

Well, it’s just this simple: when taking into consideration to go vegan, you must be aware that your meals will no longer contain any kind of animal ingredients.

These will be replaced with plant-based ingredients, so the consumption of meat will decrease.

As a result, the meat industry will have a significant drop-off. This means fewer animals would be sacrificed for food, less meat would be processed, less land needed for farms, less water consumption for processing meat and dairy products, etc.  

study showed that if just a few hundred thousand people would go vegan for a month, millions of animal lives would be saved and the overall greenhouse gas emissions would drop significantly.

To sum up, starting a vegan diet comes with many benefits, from improving your health and paving the way to your dream physique to transforming yourself into a true friend of the environment. So all there’s left is to give it a try!