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  • Work 10X faster;
  • Earn more in less hours;
  • Finish in 1 h what you would in 10;
  • Take control of your days;
  • And a lot more…
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"I’ve been working from home as a freelance writer for over a year and I’ve always thought that my productivity could get some improvement. It never seemed to come when I wanted it to. After I read the UT productivity guide, I changed a few of my habits following the tips that Claudiu suggests. Huge boost. I’m definitely building a better working environment for myself, with all the positive effects that getting things done better and quicker convey."
Alice Cimino
Freelance Writer
"In my position, I am responsible of a whole team and it's imperative to know how to manage and organize both our time and working space. We always shoot for maximum efficiency and Unfold Today's productivity guide came right on time. The multitude of tips helped me adjust not only my time management skills but also my workspace and mindset. This is besides all the great tools mentioned in the guide. Truly a gamechanger."
Vlad P.
Robotics Team Mentor at Rutherbots

What do you get?

The Superhuman Work Productivity Guide will make you crush every single one of your work assignments by teaching you how to:

  • Finish your work 10X faster and better whether you work from home or the office;

  • Optimize your workspace;

  • Take control of your day;

  • Set a strong mindset for maximum productivity;

  • Use effective apps that will keep you focused, and more…


Why do you need this guide?

FACT #1: You spend one third of your life at work.

FACT #2: Another third you spend sleeping.

Therefore, you can use the only remaining third of your life to do all the other stuff life has to offer: work out, play sports, travel, learn new skills, read, meditate, and a lot more.

That’s a lot to squeeze in just 33% of your life, isn’t it?

Sure, you could sleep less, but that would have serious consequences on your health, so don’t even think about it. Fortunately, you can always improve the way you work. 

Here, the easy to apply tips in our guide will prove to be extremely useful.

And the sweetest part?

It’s all for free. Because we made a promise to guide you in your journey to your ultimate self.


A top quality guide

The advice, the tips and the tricks found in our Superhuman Work Productivity guide are actively used by Claudiu Pop, the founder of Unfold Today, who tried, tested, and studied hundreds of life hacks in areas like productivity, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and spirituality.

Besides being the creator mind behind Unfold Today, Claudiu Pop is a praised international journalist recognized by NATO, the European Journalism Network, and more, reaching the mark of 1 million readers worldwide by the age of 21.

Other successful figures and businessmen apply the productivity hacks found in our guide. Among these are:

  • Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and Tesla;
  • Nathan Blecharczyk – billionaire and co-founder of Airbnb;
  • Chris Sacca – venture investor in Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and more apply the productivity hacks found in this guide.