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Our Editorial Process

To achieve our mission of making fitness and nutrition simple, safe, and exciting, our highly talented creators produce content that is then reviewed and fact-checked by experts for accuracy. This whole process is guided by our editorial process: the methods we use to cut through complex concepts and ensure our content is backed up by expert sources and scientific articles while written and illustrated in the most pleasuring way possible.

Unfold Today publishes content related to fitness and nutrition in our attempt to make people not only achieve their goals but also enjoy the whole journey toward them.

One of the core strategies of achieving this is the fact that we, the team behind Unfold Today, are concentrating on bringing our readers advice that is both authoritative and easy to understand.

We do this by following top journalistic standards, using entertaining visuals, and reaching out to our network of experts.

Our content has the goal of helping you unfold your achieve your body's ultimate potential.

Our content and team are here to serve everyone who is looking to improve themselves and enjoy a beautiful journey to their ultimate selves.

Content creation process

Unfold Today’s editorial team, formed by journalists and content creators, together with our network of experts including medical workers, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more collaborate closely to create solid, trustworthy, and fact-checked content that is kept updated.

Our review methodology

We aim to have every article published on Unfold Today reviewed by our network of experts in fitness and nutrition to ensure the content we provide is comprehensive, authoritative, and based on facts.

Our community of experts is composed of registered dietitian nutritionists, certified fitness trainers, and other professionals who review articles related to their specific expertise.

Read more about our network of expert reviewers.

Sources, references, and citations approach

We put a lot of attention into selecting the sources used in the articles published on Unfold Today. Our writers strive to meet the top journalistic and ethical standards, so they always look for official or experienced sources. This way, they ensure they meet the high-quality level of research that Unfold Today stands by.

Staying updated

The team behind Unfold Today puts a lot of emphasis on updating the content our readers consume by staying current with the latest news on the topics we cover. Also, we have a periodic maintenance schedule that allows us to verify the already published articles.

However, if you spot an irregularity or a mistake, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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