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Weight Gain

Using the skills of expert creators, nutritionists, and dietitians, Unfold Today helps you gain weight and build muscle in a safe and enjoyable way, no matter your gender, condition, age, interests, or diet. For now, we offer arguably the most comprehensive guide to high-calorie foods and drinks, which stand at the core of the weight gain process.

Homemade high-calorie granola bars for building muscle - featured.
High-Calorie Granola Bars Recipe to Build Muscle On The Go
In need of high-calorie granola bars because you don't have time to eat at home and that makes it hard to gain weight? Try certified personal trainer and nutritionist Claude Pop's delicious granola bars recipe. These bars are rich in proteins, fast to prepare, and perfect for building muscle.
High-calorie protein granola recipe poster.
High-Calorie Protein Granola for Muscle Gain (Easy Recipe)
Looking for a homemade high-calorie granola rich in proteins to build muscle more easily? Personal trainer and nutritionist Claude Pop created an easy granola recipe with 43 g of proteins that energizes and helps you gain healthy weight. Enjoy a crunchy but nutty flavor with notes of fruit.
Collage of high-calorie granola recipes and products.
5 High-Calorie Granola Recipes and Products to Build Muscle
In need of high-calorie granola bars because you don't have time to eat at home and that makes it hard to gain weight? Try certified personal trainer and nutritionist Claude Pop's delicious granola bars recipe. These bars are rich in proteins, fast to prepare, and perfect for building muscle.
Poster illustrating a few of the high-calorie breakfast smoothies designed to help you gain weight.
14 High-Calorie Breakfast Smoothies (Best Recipes)
To help you gain healthy weight, a breakfast smoothie needs to tick many boxes, like being high-calorie, rich in proteins, and having the ability to jumpstart your body when you're groggy after a night of sleep. And that's not all. The best high-calorie breakfast smoothies have the following characteristics: Wondering what smoothies meet them all? […]
6 weight gain smoothies without protein powder - poster.
6 Weight Gain Smoothies Without Protein Powder (Recipes)
Although some consider protein powders a convenient source of muscle-building proteins and a staple ingredient in smoothies, others trying to gain weight may prefer to make their blends without these powders, which can be expensive and don't fit everybody's dietary preferences. Yet, it's getting harder and harder to find smoothie recipes that aren't made with […]
Poster for list of banana smoothie recipes designed for weight gain.
21 Banana Smoothies for Weight Gain (Tasty Recipes)
Bananas are one of the best fruits for gaining weight, but eating them alone is a lost opportunity for those of you struggling to rack up calories. A better idea is to combine bananas with other high-calorie ingredients to make smoothies that are rich in calories. Our favorite ingredients to blend bananas with for high-calorie […]
2000-calorie smoothies for weight gain - poster.
2000-Calorie Smoothies: 4 Handy Recipes to Boost Weight Gain
On busy days when you don't have time for cooking and eating enough solid meals to meet your caloric target, 2000-calorie smoothies can be your saviors. Yet, since smoothies with so many calories can take up a large part of your daily diet, it's crucial to follow nutritious recipes that help you build muscle and […]
Chris Hemsworth's 2000-calorie Thor smoothie - featured.
Chris Hemsworth's Thor Smoothie (2000-Calorie Version)
After we unveiled Chris Hemsworth's "secret" high-calorie smoothie, which the actor drinked to gain muscle for his Thor role in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, we upgraded the smoothie from 663 calories to around 2000 calories (specifically 1988) to better help those of you struggling to eat enough calories for gaining weight. Eager to […]
2000-Calorie Apple Smoothie - featured.
2000-Calorie Apple Smoothie Recipe for Weight Gain (Bulking)
One of the most delicious 2000-calorie smoothies you can drink to gain weight more easily is this apple-based smoothie, created by upgrading our High-Calorie Apple Smoothie from 594 to 2014 calories. To divulge some of the smoothie's nutrition facts from the start, it is very high in protein, rich in carbs, and low in fats. […]
2000-calorie Green Protein Smoothie - featured.
2000-Calorie Green Protein Smoothie for Weight Gain (Recipe)
Few 2000-calorie smoothies have more vitamins and minerals than the smoothie that resulted from upgrading our High-Calorie Green Protein Smoothie from 411 to 2001 calories. As highlights, this muscle-building smoothie is nut-free and contains, among other ingredients, two green veggies, celery and spinach. Ready? Let's see the recipe. Equipment To make the 2000-Calorie Green Protein […]
2000-Calorie Banana Smoothie for weight gain - featured.
2000-Calorie Banana Smoothie for Weight Gain (Recipe)
If you need a classic banana smoothie with 2000 calories to help you hit your calories when you're falling behind your daily target, try this supercharged version of our High-Calorie Banana Smoothie, which we upgraded from 989 calories to the 2K mark. Let's explore the recipe, shall we? Equipment To make this 2000-calorie banana smoothie, […]
1000-calorie smoothies for weight gain - featured.
Five 1000-Calorie Smoothies for Weight Gain (Tested Recipes)
Quick Overview Our five 1000-calorie smoothies are rich in proteins, can help you gain weight and muscle mass, and save you time. In the recipes, we included some of the most frequently used ingredients in 1K smoothies, like oats, milk, or protein powder. As proof of these smoothies' usefulness, research shows smoothies with 1000 calories […]
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