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130 Habit Tracker Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

Last updated on April 25, 2023
Habiit tracker ideas for your bullet journal.

What if you could unlock the superpower to install new habits instantly? There would be no more missed workouts, late-night eating, postponed meditation sessions, and you could finally wake up constantly before sunrise. But can the habit tracker in your bullet journal be the key to achieving this superpower?

The truth is that picking up new habits can be frustratingly hard. In fact, it takes an average of 66 days for someone to develop automaticity around a new habit, with a range from 18 to 254 days, according to research that studied how habits are formed.

Therefore, unless you have a strong will to keep executing a new habit for about 2 months, you are on your way to experiencing disappointment and its consequences. That is to say, you’ll remain unfit, stressed out, and have no chances of witnessing the orange-tinted sunrise.

But don’t give up yet, because bullet journaling may be the solution to building new habits easier.

Using habit trackers “makes it easy to monitor habits you’re trying to add or subtract,” according to Ryder Carroll, author of the Bullet Journal Method. So, designing efficient trackers in your journals may increase the chances of you adopting a new habit or getting rid of a toxic one.

To maximize your chances of building a new habit, make sure to use weekly spreads in addition to habit trackers in your bullet journal. These will help you plan beautiful weeks and actually follow through with the habits you decide to track.

What is a habit tracker in a bullet journal

A habit tracker is a bullet journal page design that allows users to monitor their progress on building new habits by breaking them down into smaller actionable steps.

For example, if you wish to sleep 8 hours per night, you can use a sleep tracker to log how many hours of sleep you get every day of the next month, as well as your bedtime and waking up hours.

This way, you will be able to see exactly how you are doing on the road to having an optimal sleep schedule, and adjust whenever you see you are drifting away from your goal.

Benefits of using a habit tracker

Before we look at the advantages, note that you can have multiple habit trackers in your bullet journal.

Here are the main benefits of having a habit tracker in your bullet journal:

1.    Build new habits easier

The core benefit of creating habit trackers in your bullet journal is the fact that they make it easier to build new habits by deconstructing them into manageable parts.

“Having a place where you log and objectively monitor your progress can go a long way to keeping you on track,” writes bullet journal inventor Ryder Carroll in his book.

2.    Be more self-aware

Secondly, you can use habit trackers together with your daily logs to spot patterns that reveal why you didn’t complete certain tasks on specific days. More specifically, you will be able to find out what were the circumstances that stopped or allowed you to make progress.

“I would argue that the point of tracking is just as much about cultivating self-awareness as it is about making progress. In order to make any true progress, you need to understand the effects of your efforts. You need to understand not only what is or is not working, but also why,” writes Ryder Carroll.

3.    Unclutter your mind

Being accountable for every healthy habit you want to add to your lifestyle can tire out your brain and occupy unnecessary space that your mind could use in other more useful ways.

“When you keep it all in your head it’s easy to lose an overview of your progress—or your lack thereof. By keeping a tracker, you’ll have a clear picture of where you actually are in the context of where you want to be,” writes Ryder Carroll.

How do you create a habit tracker in your bullet journal

From whom could you learn better how to create a habit tracker than from the inventor of the bullet journal himself, Ryder Carroll.

In his book, Carroll describes the process of creating a simple budget tracker (buy his book to see it), but we are looking for a more general scheme that can help you create any type of habit tracker.

Therefore, after carefully observing the author’s approach, we put together a step-by-step scheme that you can use to create any kind of habit tracker in your bullet journal.

How to create a bullet journal habit tracker:

  1. Set the purpose of the habit tracker;
  2. Design the tracker;
  3. Create an action plan.

1. Set the purpose of the habit tracker

To find the purpose of a habit tracker, you need to think about what do you want it to do. Your tracker can have one or multiple such objectives.

For example, maybe you want to have a habit tracker that shows how much sleep you got every day or maybe you want one that tracks your daily calories on weekends, when you know you tend to overeat.

Rule: set the timeline you want your habit tracker to monitor. The design phase will be much easier if you do this at the beginning of your creation process.

2. Design the tracker

In this second phase of the habit tracker creation process, you can either conceive a design on your own or get inspiration from the many layouts created by experienced bullet journal users found in this article.

Tip: do everything for a reason to avoid cluttering your design and losing too much time creating your habit tracker. Therefore, think twice the next time you want to draw one more doodle.

“Be sure that any additions or customizations prove themselves helpful over and over again. Less, but better,” Ryder Carroll writes in his book.

3. The action plan

Finish creating your habit tracker by setting up an action plan that states the routine you will follow to make sure you fill out the habit tracker. Will you grab your bullet journal and fill out your habit tracker every day as soon as you finish your habit or will you wait until the next day’s morning?

This step is very important because it ensures you won’t miss out on tracking the habits you want to build into your lifestyle.

Bullet journal habit tracker layouts

4 habit tracker layouts for your bullet journal.

There are various layouts you can use to design the habit trackers in your bullet journal, so it can be difficult to choose from. To make things easier, firstly you want to decide what type of layout you are looking for.

Types of habit tracker layouts

We sorted the different types of layouts according to the most important design characteristics when it comes to creating a habit tracker.

  1. What you track: workout, mental health, mood, etc.
  2. Timeline: weekly, monthly, or yearly trackers;
  3. Shape: circular, linear, vertical, or mini trackers;
  4. Complexity: minimalist or complex.

FAQ: is a weekly or monthly habit tracker better? As a monthly habit tracker usually has four weekly trackers included in its design, and it takes an average of 66 days (about 2 months) to build a new habit, it is more useful and less time-consuming to use a monthly habit tracker than a weekly one.

Tip: for better bullet journal layout designs, avoid creating them on lined paper notebooks and choose journals with blank or bulleted pages (see comparison below).


Habit tracker layout ideas

“It’s not about how your journal looks; it’s about how it makes you feel and how effective it is,” writes Ryder Carroll.

We researched some of the most popular habit tracker design ideas among the members of the bullet journal community to help you pick efficient layouts.

Keep in mind that while you will find plenty of great layout ideas for your habit tracker down the following list, you should make your design yours.

Here are 21 bullet journal layout ideas for your habit tracker:

1. Mini habit and mood tracker

This mini habit and mood tracker layout featuring a make-up theme lets you monitor your monthly progress in 8 different habits at a time and also to register how you felt every day.

Mini habit and mood tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: A. Journal

2. Circular habit and mood tracker

If you prefer your habit trackers circular, you should consider this mushroom-themed bullet journal layout, which is great at observing your monthly progress, and has plenty of space for drawing doodles.

The featured design enables you to track your daily mood along with 5 habits, but you can easily monitor less or more by adjusting the size of the circle.

Circular habit and mood tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Rem Bujo

3. Linear habit tracker

This is a monthly linear habit tracker featuring a Kraft paper theme that lets you monitor 5 habits at a time.

Linear habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: MILOE

4. Minimalist weekly habit tracker

In case you prefer weekly habit trackers, you can't go wrong with this minimalist fall-themed template that lets you track 5 habits every week. You can track even more habits by adjusting the size of the text and the weekly table.

Minimalist weekly habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: K_K Bujo

5. Black and white linear habit tracker

You can use this black and white habit tracker and its linear design to track more than 20 habits every month in your bullet journal. Also, remark how the bujo artist connected dots to better observe sleeping patterns at the bottom of the design.

Black and white linear habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Eunice from Euniqued Plans

6. Mini monthly habit tracker

When you want to add that autumn groove to your bullet journal, you should consider this mini habit tracker layout featuring September colors that has the proper space to track up to 9 habits on a monthly basis.

Mini monthly habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Satu Journals

7. Minimalist biweekly habit tracker

This colorful biweekly habit tracker features a minimalist layout that lets you track about 20 habits every month. Use color coding to better visualize different types of habits.

Minimalist biweekly habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Haley's Handmade Company

8. Calendar mini habit tracker

This colorful habit tracker offers you space for up to 5 monthly mini calendars, which you can use to track a total of 5 habits you want to install into your routine. The design, which blends nature with urban elements, resembles Japan's Mount Fuji.

Calendar mini habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Haru Bujo

9. Simple linear habit and mood tracker

If you are searching for bullet journal layouts that will fit the month of October, you may find the perfect solution in this Halloween-themed habit and mood tracker because it has a simple linear design that can easily track multiple habits.

You can also use this design as inspiration for other habit tracker layouts. Just change the theme and you will be set out.

Simple linear habit and mood tracker for a Halloween-themed bullet journal layout.

Photo and design credits: Loo Teng Studio

10. Minimalist linear habit tracker

If you're looking for a minimalist habit tracker design for your bullet journal, you will find that this bordered linear layout is going to be very efficient at monitoring your monthly progress.

As the layout shows, the design allows you to track multiple habits, which is useful especially for the overachievers out there.

Minimalist linear habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Kan Yue

11. "Surfing theme" mini habit tracker

If you are looking for a laid-back look for the habit tracker in your bullet journal, you need to try this surfing-themed mini layout that lets you track 9 habits at a time. That surfing board looks cool, isn't it?

Surfing theme mini habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Claudia from Sunshine Journal

12. "Food theme" mini habit tracker

This mini habit tracker is perfect for food lovers who use bullet journals, and it can track up to 9 habits monthly.

Food-themed mini habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Claudia from Sunshine Journal

13. Simple half-circle habit tracker

If you are looking for a more creative yet simple habit tracker layout to add to your bullet journal, try this half-circle orange-themed monthly tracker.

Simple half-circle habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Marita

14. Minimalist vertical habit tracker

When you want to change things up a bit in your bullet journal, go for a vertical habit tracker like you see in this minimalist leaf-themed tracker, which lets you track at least 6 habits monthly.

Minimalist vertical habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Craft Day Studio

15. Complex vertical habit, mood, and food tracker

Even though it can look complex at the first glance, this vertical flamingo-themed layout also features a mood and food log, which all together make for a great 3-in-1 monthly habit tracker.

Complex vertical habit, mood, and food tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Aska

16. "Laurel theme" simple linear habit tracker

This laurel-themed linear habit tracker was created by a student, and its simple structure will let you easily track at least 8 habits in your bullet journal on a monthly basis.

Laurel-themed simple linear monthly habit tracker.

Photo and design credits: Study with Navy

17. "Desk theme" mini habit tracker

If you love to doodle in your bullet journal, you should definitely try this mini habit tracker that features a desk theme and enables you to track 6 habits monthly.

Desk-themed mini habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Martha's Journal

18. "Nature theme" mini habit tracker

If you are looking for a habit tracker designed with nature in mind, you should try this earth and sky theme that brings life to a mini layout, which enables you to both express your creativity and track multiple habits every month.

Nature-themed mini habit tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Anastasia

19. "Sticky note" monthly habit and mood tracker

This monthly habit and mood tracker, featuring a sticky note theme, is great if you are searching for a more spontaneous look for your bullet journal. You can easily track at least 5 habits every month using this habit tracker layout design.

Sticky-note-themed monthly habit and mood tracker for your bullet journal.

Photo and design credits: Bujo by filo

20. Printable habit tracker template

If you don't have time to draw a new layout design, add this printable habit tracker template to your bullet journal and start monitoring. All you need to do is to select 1 to 6 habits that you want to adopt, place them at the top of the columns, and draw some doodles in the Creative Zone on the left.

Printable habit tracker template created by Unfold Today.

21. Super simple habit tracker

Below is a quick guide from the inventor of the Bullet Journal Method on how to create a super simple habit tracker.

Habit tracker ideas for bullet journals

You can track almost any habit in your bullet journal, from working out and meditating to walking your dog and calling your parents. However, this doesn’t mean you should track everything.

If you monitor too many habits you can easily get overwhelmed and it will be harder to assess how you progress at each habit. Try to stick with no more than 5 habits at a time until you automatize them.

Here is a list of 130 habit ideas you can track in your bullet journal's habit tracker:

Morning ideas

  1. Wake up early
  2. Pray
  3. Daily mantra
  4. Meditate
  5. Drink water
  6. Brush teeth
  7. Morning yoga routine
  8. Breathing exercises
  9. Journal
  10. Write down dreams
  11. Shower
  12. Have breakfast
  13. Light jog

Get inspiration for more healthy daybreak habit ideas to track from the ultimate yogi morning routine.

Fitness ideas

  1. Work out
  2. Warm-up before workout
  3. Shower after training
  4. Sauna after workout
  5. Run
  6. Use weighing scale
  7. Train biceps at home
  8. Read gym motivation quotes
  9. Walk
  10. Skip rope
  11. Go swimming
  12. Take the stairs
  13. 10.000 daily steps

If you want to track habits like showering, doing sauna, or swimming after your workouts, it’s convenient to buy a membership at one of the gyms with pools and/or showers near you.

Also, it’s smart to set fitness goals before choosing what fitness habits to track.

Food and diet ideas

  1. Eat vegetables
  2. Eat fruits
  3. Meet caloric goals
  4. Buy healthy Starbucks drinks
  5. Meal planning
  6. No sweets
  7. No fast-food
  8. Cook at home
  9. Eat vegan
  10. Drink protein shake
  11. Take vitamins

Sleep ideas

  1. Sleeping time
  2. Bedtime and wake up hours
  3. Hit the snooze button
  4. Slept at optimum room temperature
  5. Meditate before bed
  6. No eating close to bedtime
  7. No alcohol or caffeine before bed
  8. Sleep in complete darkness
  9. Write in gratitude journal in bed

Tip: find more ideas to track by inspiring from the pre-sleep routines of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

Healthy ideas

  1. Zero cigarettes
  2. No alcohol
  3. No sodas
  4. Drink water
  5. Take a nap

Beauty ideas

  1. Wash hair
  2. Style hair
  3. Use moisturizing cream
  4. Face wash routine
  5. Manicure
  6. Pedicure

Family and relationships ideas

  1. Call parents
  2. Catch-up with friends
  3. Play board games
  4. Quality time with family
  5. Surprise loved ones
  6. Compliment partner
  7. Write a hand-written letter to a friend
  8. Volunteer in community
  9. Post on social media
  10. Chat with friends
  11. Play games with friends or family

Mental health ideas

  1. Flip through a photo album
  2. Compliment someone
  3. Help someone
  4. Cuddle pet
  5. Laugh hard
  6. Listen to inspirational music
  7. Admire nature
  8. Take pictures
  9. Be creative
  10. Watch 1 episode of your favorite show
  11. Listen to your favorite podcast
  12. How many pages did you read

Try something new ideas

  1. Learn dancing
  2. Martial arts training
  3. Practice musical instrument
  4. Learn singing
  5. Visit a new place
  6. Practice foreign language
  7. Study acting
  8. Watch documentary

Essential habits ideas

  1. Do laundry
  2. Wash dishes
  3. Pack lunch
  4. Water plants
  5. Vacuum
  6. Take out the trash
  7. Shovel snow
  8. Mow the lawn

Saving money ideas

  1. No wasted money
  2. Paid bills in time
  3. No restaurant eating
  4. Bring coffee from home
  5. Read about personal finance

Find more budgeting ideas to monitor in your habit tracker from our list of 21 effective money-saving habits.

Work productivity ideas

  1. No social media at work
  2. Create a daily to-do list
  3. Break every 1 hour
  4. Clean work environment
  5. Sit with a straight back
  6. Drink coffee

Business ideas

  1. Work on side hustle
  2. Read business books
  3. Take notes from industry experts
  4. Social media post
  5. Write blog post

Habit tracker ideas for students

  1. Do homework
  2. Study
  3. Read textbook
  4. Attend class
  5. Play brain games
  6. Organize backpack
  7. Listen to an educational audiobook
  8. Pass a test
  9. Take part in extracurricular activities

Habit tracker ideas for kids

  1. Meet up with other kids
  2. Watch animated movies (see benefits of watching animations)
  3. Color drawings
  4. Play cognitive games
  5. Spend time with parents
  6. No screen time
  7. Do a LEGO puzzle
  8. Went to bed on time
  9. Potty training

Take action

A habit tracker is one of the most productive layouts you can have in your bullet journal because it can not only help you build new habits easier but also bring self-awareness and clarity of mind.

And now that you learned what is a habit tracker and how to create one, all you have to do is to choose which habits you want to track and get inspired by the many layout ideas selected in this article.

Written by
Claudiu Pop from Unfold Today, face portrait.
Besides being the founder of Unfold Today, a nutritionist, and a mental health expert, Claudiu Pop is a productivity geek and a skilled journalist. He is always on the lookout for ways to make life easier in all areas of life, including the financial dimension.
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