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About Us

We help you unfold your true potential by making personal growth
safe, simple, and exciting.

Established in 2019, Unfold Today is the only guide that makes personal growth safe and simple but exciting at the same time. Dreaming of a better physique? Worried about your mental health? Not happy with your career? We create content that helps you not only to achieve your goals but also to enjoy the whole process.

Over 380.000 people interested in evolving physically, mentally, or financially visit us every year to unfold more of their potential.

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Our mission

We want people to stop giving up on improving their lives because they think it's hard and boring. Therefore, we are committed to showing them an enjoyable pathway rooted in facts that determines progress in achieving their personal goals.

We believe each human has the potential to be amazing for the world around them, so we aim to make our content nondiscriminatory and available to all people, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, income, or knowledge level.

The Unfolders

Our team is made up of experienced content creators and expert reviewers. We work together to create content that is safe, simple, and exciting.

Claudiu Pop from Unfold Today, face portrait.
Claudiu Pop
Claudiu Pop is a nutritionist, medical writer, journalist, and the founder of Unfold Today. He specialized in fitness and nutrition, especially weight gain, helping people increase their body mass since 2019 with over 20 articles published in this field. Also, Claudiu has a Bachelor's in journalism and was trained by experts from organizations like CNN and The New York Times, so he has the skills required to create well-documented content. Claudiu is also knowledgeable in mental health since he completed Master's level courses in social psychology and personal development at the prestigious Babes-Bolyai University. Now, Claudiu uses his wide set of abilities to build the best place for personal growth in the world.
Read more about Claudiu Pop

Expert Review Network

The Expert Review Network is a group inside Unfold Today's team that reviews content that requires additional expertise to guarantee that the information delivered to our readers is thorough, authoritative, accurate, and fact-based. So far, this team includes registered dietitians, nutritionists, certified personal trainers, and gold medal winners.
Maria Pfund, registered dietitian nutritionist.
Maria Pfund, RDN
Maria Pfund, MS, RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian nutritionist holding a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics earned at the University of Florida, and a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences acquired at Eastern Illinois University. Maria has experience in nutrition in various settings: community, food service, policy, worksite wellness, and clinical as well. After working as an intern at the VA Caribbean Healthcare System, Maria went on to work as a full-time dietitian, as she currently does.
Read more about Maria Pfund, RDN
Shannon Palmer, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist.
Shannon Palmer, RDN
Shannon Palmer, MS, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist with two Bachelor's degrees from James Madison University, one in Dietetics and one in General Biology, and a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition obtained at Florida State University. Shannon helped optimize the nutrition quality of a variety of people, such as children and youngsters with diabetes, collegiate football players, and soccer players from Orlando City SC. Furthermore, Shannon has worked with people who participate in sports like equestrian vaulting, rock climbing, track, swimming, rugby, Strongman, CrossFit, and Olympic lifting.
Read more about Shannon Palmer, RDN
Tim Dobrota, Certified Personal Trainer
Tim Dobrota, CPT
Tim Dobrota, CPT, is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition technician, working with his clients for over 12 years. He guided over 1000 people to change their lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. On top, Tim is a long-time Master trainer, offering professional training to fitness instructors and PTs over the past 7 years. Also, he is a published author in the weight-loss field.
Read more about Tim Dobrota CPT
Certified Personal Trainer Raluca Haidu.
Raluca Haidu, CPT
Raluca Haidu, CPT, is a certified personal trainer and a European Gold winner in gymnastics with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physical Education at Babes-Bolyai University. She has been training clients since 2018.
Read more about Raluca Haidu, CPT

Our vision

A large part of the personal development advice available today is thin, inaccurate, costly, confusing, poorly delivered, or plain boring. We pinpointed the need for a resource in this space and set sail on a journey to fix the need. How? We create interactive, comprehensive, and fact-based content that we offer for free under multiple formats in a way that makes it simple, safe, and exciting for our audience to evolve toward their best selves.

Every day, we strive to create content that inspires, motivates, empowers, rises self-awareness, builds confidence, and brings fulfillment to the wide community of people looking to improve themselves.

And since we promised we were going to make our content simple, we organized our content into three main categories: fitness and nutrition, mental health, and productivity and wealth.

Our editorial process

To achieve our mission of making personal growth simple, safe, and exciting, our highly talented creators produce content that is then reviewed and fact-checked by experts for accuracy. This whole process is guided by our editorial process.


We deeply care about our users' confidentiality and that is why we offer transparency regarding our policies.

Read our privacy policy.

Check our terms and conditions.

Contact Us

If you want to join our team, send us an email at [email protected].

If you have any questions or complaints or just want to send us a message, please visit our contact us page.

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