Our mission is to help you become healthy by optimizing your fitness level, daily habits, soul, and emotions, so you can unfold your true potential into the world.

What is Unfold Today?

At Unfold Today, we are guiding you in the journey to your greatest life by providing the highest quality information that will help you achieve a fit body, adopt healthy habits, and explore your deepest emotions, all while training your mind to unleash its true abilities.

In a competitive and fast-paced world like ours, many people are unaware of how easy they can neglect essential parts of their lives, whether that is their fitness, nutrition, mental health, or following their passions. 

Therefore, Unfold Today is putting its best efforts and resources to make personal growth easier for everybody while underlining its importance.

After all, when you get old and you see that you haven’t explored your true capabilities and chased your wildest dreams, it can be very disappointing. One of our goals is to not let that happen to you.

What is unique about us

Unfold Today is focused on bringing its readers immense value that will upgrade their whole life experience. 

We do this by using quality sources of information that is fact-checked by our team of journalists and specialized writers, and reviewed regularly by our network of experts, including medical workers, nutritionists, personal trainers, psychologists, and more.

We produce content on topics such as fitness, nutrition, mental health, spirituality, relationships, healthy habits, and more, while establishing fact-based links between all of these areas to help people upgrade all aspects of their lives.

Unfold Today helps over 270.000 readers lead healthier lives every year.

Each one of us wants to become our ultimate self, but the majority fail to do so. 

And since we feel we have the power to transform destinies and get you to living the life you were always seeking, we set our goal to help as many people live their dreams by becoming the number one personal growth resource in the world.


Our high-quality content is cited by authoritative organizations, including:

  • News sites;
  • Blogs owned by innovative apps;
  • Online men magazines;
  • Scientific encyclopedias, and more.

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Our network of expert reviewers

We strive to have each article published on Unfold Today vetted by our network of experts in various areas, including health and fitness, mental health, and productivity, to guarantee that the information we deliver to our readers is thorough, authoritative, accurate, and fact-based.

Our network of experts is composed of registered dietitian nutritionists, certified fitness trainers, psychologists, medical workers, yoga instructors, and other professionals that review articles on their specific expertise.

Learn more about our expert review network.

Our editorial process

Unfold Today’s editorial team, formed by journalists and media professionals, together with our network of experts – including medical workers, nutritionists, personal trainers, psychologists, and more – collaborate closely to create solid, trustworthy, and fact-checked content that is kept updated.

Our thorough review methodology is meant to assure that every piece of information we share is correct and authoritative.

Read more about our editorial process.

Meet our founder

Claudiu Pop, the founder of Unfold Today near a wooden door.
Claudiu Pop is the founder and owner of Unfold Media, the company that launched Unfold Today in 2020. 

Claudiu is a medical writer with expertise in nutrition, weight management, fitness, and mental health. He's also the medical expert coordinator of Unfold Today and a praised international journalist. He holds a BA in Journalism and was trained by professionals coming from the most authoritative news organizations.
Read more about Claudiu Pop


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If you want to join our team, send us an email at claudiupop@unfoldtoday.com.

If you have any questions, complaints, or just want to send us a message, please visit our contact us page.

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