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We are Unfold.

What is Unfold Today?

At Unfold Today, we are providing tips and guides to successfully improve not only your mind and body wellness but also your lifestyle, all while making sure you thrive in these modern times we live in.

We make personal growth easier.

We have started bringing upgrades to the core areas of your life because there is too much noise, fakery, and useless life advice circulating on the internet and too many people giving up at following their passions and what their souls seek.

In a nutshell, we understood that not following your passions and not doing what you are meant to do is one of the most painful regrets a human can have.

Getting to 80 years old, looking back and seeing that you haven’t even scratched the surface of your soul’s true nature, it’s incredibly sad.

Our mission

Each one of us wants to become our ultimate self, but the majority fail to do so. And since we feel we have the power to transform destinies and get you to living the life you were always seeking, we set our goal to become:

The number one personal growth resource in the world.

The owner of Unfold

The owner of Unfold Today is Claudiu Pop, a personal growth expert, praised international journalist, and, not lastly, a fitness adept. Here are a few words from him, so you can learn more about him.

About personal growth

I love to research and try new methods of upgrading my lifestyle, whether that means making big changes like waking up at 5AM or lighter ones like starting to drink lemon water instead of just plain one. 

Until now, I have studied hundreds of life hacks, using them to forge a path to success, and you bet that I’m going to share them with you here on Unfold Today.

Career highlights

I am proud to say that I achieved the milestone of 1 million readers by the age of 21. 

I collaborate with great newspapers and online publications like:
Vox Europ; 
Tennis World USA;
European Data Journalism Network.

Other highlights:
1. Participated at the 2019 USNATO Cyber Defense Media Tour in Tallinn, Estonia;
2. Undergone training from RISE Project, an investigative journalism group that works closely with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Fitness expertise

Since I was 16 years old, I’ve trained consistently in gyms, at home and outdoors while learning ceaselessly about how following a good diet and a tailored workout plan works wonders.

As featured in:

Unfold Today's beginning

Following my journalism degree, I realized that my dream is to build a media brand that would empower people around the world and encourage them to follow their passions, all of these while focusing on three main aspects:

1. Solving the problems of our society;
2. Teaching you how to live better;
3. Providing top-notch body and mind training.

Think of Unfold Today as a friend who guides you into the journey to your best self and who’s always aiming to solve the world’s problems.

I Needed to Be Extraordinary

I was always into journalism, ever since I started studying it in my natal city, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

True story: in the cover letter of my university application I wrote that I wanted to work with the top magazines of the world and also be a writer for National Geographic. I love adventures, what can I say?
Since then, I collaborated with newspapers, wrote content for numerous publications and got my articles read by more than one million people. 

But… I felt the need to do something different, something that brings constant significant changes to the world we live in.

That’s when Unfold Today stepped in.

It all clicked when I figured out that in order for a person to be happy, he needs to grow, especially if that means overcoming some limits. I know, growing can mean a lot of things, but I managed to frame everything around 4 core areas. Thus, a happy human being:

1. Adapts to the latest shifts in the society;
2. Improves his lifestyle;
3. Strengthens his health through exercise and nutrition;
4. Nurtures his mind and soul.
At the start of 2020, I started Unfold Today and even though I feel like I’m aiming for the stars, every investment in it is worthwhile.

Don’t get me wrong, I still make a good part of my income from collaborations with other publications, and I enjoy it, but without Unfold I wouldn’t feel like I’m making a difference.

What makes Unfold Today different?

Unfold Today is focused on bringing to its readers immense value that will upgrade their whole life experience.

You know when you impatiently wait for that package containing that special item you ordered and you just can’t wait to unpack it and see what’s inside?

Good. Now, imagine that the package comes with a lock attached to it and the only way to get to whatever you ordered is a key.

Think of Unfold Today as being that key. 
And inside the package are the world’s innerworkings, the secrets to a healthy body and mind, and maps of lifestyle tips which will enrich every day of your life. 

The world is oftentimes full of barriers for many human beings and we are the ones who unchain it for you.

If you haven’t remarked yet, we have a few sections on our site:
Lifestyle Upgrade
In this fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed without the right habits and lifestyle hacks, so we are here to help.

I myself found out that even small changes in our daily habits can bring incredible benefits, so make sure to not miss the valuable advice found in this section.
Fitness and Nutrition
Keeping your health and fitness at an optimal level may seem hard, but with the right advice you’ll be closer than ever to your dream physique.

You can find tips and tricks on how to build muscle, lose weight, eat healthy and plenty motivational pieces that will make you stand up even when you’re in the grumpiest state you’ve ever been.
Mind and Soul
Your brain is your most powerful asset and the best thing is that it has unlimited potential. Learn how to energize and train your mind, so you can become a high-level performer.

Our bodies and our minds can do outstanding things if we know how to train them and put them on the right track.
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