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9 Reasons to Buy Art for Your Home

Last updated on April 25, 2023
Art for Your Home

Although the vast majority of celebrities and top businessmen buy art thinking of it as being a financial investment and an opportunity to brag to their friends, a painting on a wall or a sculpture on a table can mean so much more for your home and everyday life.

And the best thing? It does not need to be a Van Gogh, Picasso or Pollock for you to be able to reap all the amazing benefits from the realm of arts. 

Curious what benefits we’re talking about? Well, I’d be surprised if you weren’t. After all, a piece of art can bring color to your life, supercharge you after a stressful day and so much more. But enough with the talk. Let’s see how a piece of art can enrich your life.

1. Art inspires and brings you joy

Since ancient times, art has played a huge part in all the cultures of the world. And its main purpose is to bring beauty to the homes and lives of people.

Also, art has the added benefit of saving time getting you out of a creative block in moments when, for example, you're designing a bullet journal weekly spread layout or writing a masterpiece.

But, as we know, all paintings and designs have at least one meaning. For example, place a picture with Muhammad Ali in your living. Just observe how your motivation grows in an instant every time you enter the room.

Also, if you buy a picture from a Japanese artist while you walk below the blossomed cherry trees and, after you get home and you place it in your bedroom, that painting has the power to remind you forever of your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Do you see where I’m knocking here? Go into a local gallery, find a piece of art that makes you happy – maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the technique used by the painter – and bring it home. See the effect!

If you are eager to know if it works, science has already concluded.

Looking at art increases dopamine and brings feelings of pleasure similar to being in love or taking a recreational drug, according to research conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College London.

2. Art turns a boring home into an awesome place

Any place is better with some artwork around. Whether you want to raise your productivity by placing a Tiki sculpture in your office or you just want to bring a little color to that bland wall in your house, paying a visit to your local art gallery or the vintage shop can solve all your problems.

3. Cool conversation starter

Your guests always look around and, when they see an interesting decoration, you bet they’d ask you about it. Also, if you ever run out of topics of discussion, you can always bring up a piece of art you exposed at your home. And don’t forget the story behind it.

4. Art is a good long-term investment

An original painting of a well-known artist like Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso, will always increase in value. But not everybody affords one of that kind since they are sold on the market with hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Fortunately, promising local artists are true life-saviors in this case. Buy something unique from them and, in a few years, you may find yourself with a very valuable art piece in your hands. Artwork rarely devaluates, so your investment is quite safe in these cases.

Tip: To find a good artist, you need to take a little look at his work. The rule of thumb is simple: if you can identify tracks of hard work in an art piece, it means that the artist is really passionate about his craft and there are chances he will establish himself.

“The average artist has a really light, basic, impatient approach to their painting. Their focus is more on the cash than on the craft. Their attention is on the fame, not the finesse.”

Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club.

5. Help talented artists

Speaking of gifted artists, if you buy art from them you support them enormously. And we’re not talking only about the financial payment you hand over. Your choice to buy from them is a vote of trust. This vote will give emerging artists the boost of confidence they need to continue following their dreams.

6. The feeling of having something unique at home

You can’t find two people in this world with the same characteristics. Each one of us has something unique, be it in our appearance or our souls. The same goes for art.

It’s just impossible to find two original paintings that look identical.  Just having an original art piece in your house will make you feel proud and honored at the same time.

7. You can express your taste

If you love street art and you display graffiti from a local urban artist, everybody who visits your home will get a sense of your tastes. Some will say you are cool and some will not agree, and that’s alright

You know what they say: there’s no accounting in tastes.

8. An easy way to decorate your home

Do you have walls that serve no purpose in your house? Are they simply bland? Yes, you could throw a few drawers and a TV, but that would be troublesome. Instead, try investing in some smart designs, some well-crafted shelves or some beautiful paintings.

They will bring a lot of color and style to your home’s overall look and you can get them at a bargain price if you find a talented artist at the start of his career.

9. Art is always a great gift

Whether you’re searching for a birthday gift, a wedding anniversary present or something to give your ‘long time no see’ friends, a piece of art is always a good idea if you know the celebrated person’s personality. There’s plenty of wiggle room here, so just don’t give a girl who likes sunny sceneries, butterflies and the color pink, something gothic.

All in all, buying art has the power to enrich your life with color, emotions and overall happiness while putting yourself in a position to make a long-term financial profit. The only thing left to do is to go to the nearest art gallery, find your taste and start decorating your house. 

Written by
Claudiu Pop from Unfold Today, face portrait.
Claudiu Pop is a nutritionist, medical writer, journalist and the founder of Unfold Today. He also has Master level studies in social psychology, which have helped him cover mental health topics.
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