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Free 30-minute At-Home Arm Workout Plan

30 Minute Biceps Workout Plan by CPT Tim Dobrota

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Looking to strengthen your arms, but:

1. Going to the gym is not an option?
2. You wish to save some money on weight room memberships?
3. Or, you're just too lazy to travel to the fitness center?

 No problem. CPT Tim Dobrota is here to help you out with his efficient home workout plan.

Pre-workout instructions from Tim Dobrota

When you work out from home, you become limited regarding muscle development because it can be hard to progress, but it's not impossible.

Reps: if you're looking to develop your muscle mass and your strength, then you should do around 8-12 repetitions per set, done with a tempo of 3-4s per rep. 

If your goal is only muscular strength, then the most efficient way to train is to do sets of 1-6 reps, and if you're after increasing your muscle endurance, you should execute sets of over 12 reps.

Exercise difficulty: the intensity of the exercises is different from person to person, depending on their shape, experience in training, and their body type.

Even though I believe it's easier to work out in gyms, where we have lots of equipment at our disposal, it's important to know that we can train well at home as well.

Therefore, I outlined a biceps workout plan that can be done at home and which will push your muscles hard enough to make them grow.

Exercises demonstrations

Although Tim's workout plan is pretty descriptive, if you need more visual help on how to correctly do the listed exercises, check our 19 biceps exercises for the ultimate arm workout article.